on Friday, June 11, 2021

Hello, sweethearts!

My name is Jana, I am a math tutor and this couple of articles are for you. ⠀

So, let's start by talking about who needs all those logarithms, derivatives, integrals, roots, brackets and all those weird symbols that dot all math textbooks, especially college ones. Who has already started higher mathematics? How's it going? ))

What you are studying now is just the tip of the iceberg. Some fragmentary knowledge, which, for me, for example, converged into a beautiful picture on the subject called "mathematical modeling of processes occurring in the cell". But if you don't get into such a complicated structure, you can think about how, for example, your phone shows cool pictures on the screen, if it can't understand and store anything except zeros and ones (everything in modern devices is encoded in binary code: 0,1).

Actually, if you look away from engineering and electronics, the scope of mathematics and mathematicians is very broad: - biomedical technology (who solves the problems associated with developing an MRI scanner?); - finance (what is my risk in this dollar mortgage? ); - Logistics (how do I split up all the planes landing and taking off from Sheremetyevo?); - Medicine (how do I develop the most complicated algorithm for assembling a genome?); - Encryption (why can nobody really read our telegram messages?) and many, many others.

Mathematics is everywhere. And there would be no Internet, no technology, no salaries without mathematicians. And we would treat everything with plantain, because the development of a new drug requires statistically verified clinical studies.

And we wouldn't have been taught algebra in school, because there would have been neither school, nor us (remember plantain for whooping cough as a child :-). ⠀

Dramatic? Maybe. But mathematics knows better than anyone what real drama is: the asymptote and the graph seek each other, but they are not destined to meet in this world. How much more dramatic can it get? ))