Programming Help

on Thursday, February 18, 2021

 You can learn programming from scratch, even if you have worked as a sales manager or office clerk all your life and have no idea what IT people do. IT specialists are always in demand on the labor market, and their work is well paid.

Now you can study in the comfort of your own home and at a convenient time, while continuing to work and dedicate time to your family. In online courses, you will watch video lectures, practice the theory and do a lot of homework. And with feedback from a teacher, mentor, or supervisor, the training is just as effective as offline.

In a few months, you'll already have a portfolio of your own projects and have a comprehensive knowledge of your chosen field: from web and mobile development to game development and website layout. Some schools organize internships for their students and help with job placement.

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We've compiled a selection of online schools that teach adults how to program from scratch. And if you only look closer to IT or are not ready to pay for training - check out the free video courses and intensive courses in the second part of the article.


The program is based on the real demands of the IT market. Methodologists and lecturers of the academy are constantly working on its improvement and updating, so that the graduates of the SHAG Academy can prove themselves worthy in front of the employer.

  • Fundamentals of algorithm theory and data structures
  • Procedural programming using C++
  • Object-oriented programming with C++
  • Using STL standard template class library
  • Development of Windows applications using Visual C++ and WinAPI
  • Database theory. Database management systems: programming principles of Microsoft Access, MySQL. Authorized Microsoft IT Academy courses
  • Programming and Administration of Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Oracle DBMS Programming
  • System programming (threads, processes, synchronization primitives, interprocess communication). Network programming (sockets, synchronous and asynchronous data exchange mechanisms, protocols)
  • Object-oriented designing. UML Language
  • Software project management
  • IT Essentials. PC hardware and software - Cisco Networking Academy authorized course
  • Desktop and notebook hardware
  • Installing and Configuring Windows 10 - Authorized Microsoft IT Academy course
  • Web page design in HTML5 markup language using CSS3 cascading style sheets
  • JavaScript language
  • Extensible Markup Language for Creating Web Pages - XML
  • Creating web applications that run on the server side using the
  • PHP and AJAX
  • Python
  • Developing applications using Client-Server technology. Creating applications for the Microsoft .NET platform
  • Developing cloud solutions using Windows Azure
  • Programming using Java technology
  • Developing applications for mobile devices on the basis of the Android operating system
  • Game Development
  • Design patterns
  • Software Testing (QA)
  • By the end of the course you will be able to

  • Create Windows applications using client-server technologies, graphics, databases, and multimedia
  • Correctly and quickly calculate the algorithms to solve the tasks and the cost of their implementation
  • Design and manage databases of varying degrees of complexity and size
  • Develop web-applications, responding to users' actions and providing information stored in the databases
  • Automate operations with databases depending on the task definition or customer requirements
  • Take part in development of computer games
  • Modify programs and applications to suit specific needs
  • Develop network applications
  • Create tools that solve everyday problems
  • Create applications and dynamic Web sites based on .NET
  • Secure applications using encryption, authentication and secure connections

Test software using modern techniques and technologies; design software projects, regardless of the final implementation language